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Star-studded Premiere Ceremony for Jackie Chan's "CZ 12"

2012-12-13 15:07:13        Chinese Films

Star-studded Premiere Ceremony for Jackie Chan's "CZ 12." [Photo:]

Rumored to be Jackie Chan's last major kung-fu flick, the action-packed thriller "Chinese Zodiac 12" premiered yesterday in Beijing, reports.

Many A-list film stars attended the red carpet ceremony along with Chan and cast members Liao Fan, Yao Xingtong and Zhang Lanxin.

The movie will hit national screens on December 20 in time for the busy New Year's season in the Chinese film market. "CZ 12"will go up against many other big productions, including "Lost in Thailand," the directorial debut of Xu Zheng, which grossed 35 million yuan (US$5.6 million) on its opening day on December 12. So far, the movie is regarded as the most successful mainland comedy of the past decade.

"CZ 12" also will go up against Ang Lee's fantasy blockbuster "Life of Pi," now in its third week of screening, and "Back to 1942," a movie recalling a dark time in China's history, which has had a strong box office performance.

Chow Yun-fat's "The Last Tycoon" and Wong Kar-wai's "The Grandmasters" will soon join the competition.

By Chen Nan

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