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Jackie Chan to Leave Everything to Charity, Wife

2012-12-12 10:12:48        Chinese Films

Jackie Chan (right) and his son Jaycee Chan are seen in this April 5, 2008 photo. [File Photo: CFP]

Chinese megastar Jackie Chan will reportedly leave his entire fortune to his charity and his wife Joan Lin and none to his children.

The kung fu star's estimated fortune is about 350 million US dollars.

In an interview with a Hong Kong newspaper, Chan says he has done this because Lin stood by him after his affair with Hong Kong actress Elaine Ng in 1999.

Chan and the actress also have a daughter together, Etta, who will reportedly not be left any money in Chan's will.

The megastar's son with Lin, Hong Kong actor Jaycee Chan will not inherit any money either.

Chan says that if he is capable then his son will earn his own money and if he is not and just takes a hand out from his father then it will just be a waste of money.

The actor is currently promoting his new film "CZ12".

Edited by Alexandra Blucher

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