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Chinese Actor Wang Xueqi Joins 'Iron Man 3'

2012-12-10 14:17:29        Chinese Films

Chinese actor Wang Xueqi with Robert Downey Jr. [Photo courtesy of DMG]

The upcoming superhero movie "Iron Man 3" is shooting some scenes in Beijing with a new cast member - Chinese actor Wang Xueqi, reports.

Wang, 66, will play the villainous Dr. Wu. Previous rumors said he would take on a role as another bad guy, Chen Lu, the Radioactive Man.

The veteran actor has won awards for his performances in Chen Kaige's "Forever Enthralled", and Teddy Chan's "Bodyguards and Assassins".

"Iron Man 3", starring Robert Downey Jr. as the title character, is slated for release in North America on May 3, 2013. A simultaneous Chinese release is expected.

By Xie Tingting

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