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Stephen Chow's New Film Set to Release in 2013

2012-11-21 15:40:45        Chinese Films

Stephen Chow and Wang Zhongjun at the press conference. [Photo:]

After four years of an empty career, Stephen Chow is ready to comeback with his latest film, unveiled at a press conference yesterday in Beijing, reports.

Chow announced at the press conference that his fantasy comedy "Xi You: Xiang Mo Pian" is slated for release during the Spring Festival holiday slot in 2013.

The movie is co-produced by the Huayi Brothers, China Film Group and four other companies. The Huayi Brothers will be in charge of the movie's distribution on the mainland.

Wen Zhang, Shu Qi and Huang Bo will feature in the movie as lead characters. According to the director, the story was adapted from the famous novel "Journey to the West", and the lead characters will fight against demons and evil spirits.

A promotional trailer was also released after the conference.

By Chen Nan

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