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Mainland Box Office Chart for Week 45, 2012

2012-11-16 15:08:23        Chinese Films

According to enFilmbase's China film box office statistics, the mainland box office gross in the 45th week of 2012(November 5-November 11) was $39.01 million, a 13% increase from last week. Moviegoers this week totaled 7.3 million, a 14% growth when compared to the previous week's numbers.

The Hong Kong cops and robber thriller Cold War got off to a hot start with a $14.47 million four-day debut, enough to make it the weekly winner in the Chinese mainland film market. Taichi II followed in the second place with a gross of $5.88 million over the past week. Biting off another $5.57 million, The Bourne Legacy had grossed $31.18 million (Over 200 million RMB) in total through last Sunday. Domestic films this week accounted for 28% of the overall box office receipts in China.

Produced and distributed by Bill Kong's EDKO Films and starring Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Byron Mann and Aarif Lee, Cold War definitely did not disappoint in its domestic debut earning $14.47 million over four days. It will likely rack up another strong week before serious competition shows up at Chinese theaters, with the 3D re-release of 2012 arriving on November 20th and Life of Pi drifting in on the 22nd. Mega-director Feng Xiaogang's Back to 1942 will almost certainly freeze out Cold War when it debuts on November 29th.

Taichi II wound up earning $5.88 million during the past seven days, adding up to a total of $16.04 million (over 100 million RMB). The overall box office revenue of Taichi 0 and Taichi II reached 250 million RMB as of Sunday, which yet cannot balance the investment of more than 200 million RMB as a whole. Reaping another $5.57 million, The Bourne Legacy brought in almost 200 million RMB till the weekend. Disney's 3D animation Wreck-it Ralph scored $4.66 million while Total Recall added $1.74 million for a new total of $18.01 million.

This Sunday is so-called "Singles' Day" in China. In terms of the unexpected huge success of Love is not Blind in 2011, the performance of the newly released romances aiming at the special date might let us down a bit, though Natural Lovers grossed $0.84 million through the weekend. In conclusion, the film's quality weighs much more than its release date.

According to enFilmbase statistics, Cold War and Taichi II dominated mainland box office screenings for the past week, taking over 19% of the market share in terms of the total number of screenings. The Bourne Legacy enjoyed 16% of the market share while Wreck-it Ralph and Total Recall took up 10% and 7% respectively.

For Week 46 (November 12-18), eight films altogether will start their theatrical runs. Directed by Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi, the Oscar Winner A Separation will hit the Chinese theaters on November 13, while Faces in the Crowd will debut on the same day. Three days later, the other six movies will be released, among which the most anticipating ones are DreamWork's Rise of the Guardians and domestic film Feng Shui.

Source: EntGroup Consulting

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