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Nicolas Cage to Star in China-US Co-production

2012-11-16 14:14:17        xinhua

Actor Nicolas Cage will star in the China-U.S. co-production "Outcast". [Photo:]

Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage will star in a China-U.S. co-production to be filmed in southwestern China's Yunnan Province, the Chinese producer of the film has announced.

The action film "Outcast" tells the story of soldiers traveling through east Asia in the 12th century and their relationships with a Chinese prince and princess, officials from the Yunnan Film Group said.

The film will be directed by Nick Powell, who is known for his fight choreography in the "Bourne" action film franchise, according to the company.

Powell said the film will be a challenge for him because it includes backgrounds from multiple cultures, as well as features multiple topics.

Hollywood actor Hayden Christensen, who previously starred in the "Star Wars" prequels as Anakin Skywalker, will also join the cast, the film company said, adding that it will be the first film starring both Christensen and Cage.

The company did not provide the name of the film's U.S. producer, nor did it say when the film would make its debut.

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