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China's New Plan for US: Chinese Beauties and Dishes

2012-11-15 16:41:34        Chinese Films

Producer Hong Pang of Ning Xia Film Studio in China, one of the panelists of U.S.-China Film Summit said that Gung Fu and Chinese cuisine are still the two common subject matters for the Chinese films at box office in America. But there have already been enough Gung Fu films, so he plans to produce new films about Chinese cuisine and love stories. He thinks the combination of appetite and sight is the key to attract viewers in the U. S.

Chinese American film producer Janet Yang, one of the moderators of U.S.-China Film Summit said, although many Chinese actors and actresses would like to do Hollywood films, the American viewers still do not know them well. Their reputation in China can not be exported to Hollywood. They need to overcome the language barrier before adapting to local film production. Chinese actress Gong Li and action film actor Jackie Chen were able to become popular in America, because they were in Chinese films that appealed to the viewer here.

Andrew Ooi, President of Echelon Talent Management, which helps in bringing Chinese actors into Hollywood, said some Chinese American actors who could only play less significant roles in Hollywood productions are now enthusiastic in filming in China where they can use fluent English and Chinese.


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