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3D Rocks in China

2012-11-09 10:44:22        Chinese Films

The Chinese box office continues to grow at a record rate while the appetite for 3-D and IMAX by Chinese moviegoers remains among the highest in the world, according to EntGroup Consulting.

During the short black-out period for imported films to show "Support for Domestic Films" this summer, the 3D fantasy-based action title Painted Skin: the Resurrection became the biggest winner among China-produced movies. It earned $114.5 million through its theatrical run, out-do China's previous overall box office champion, Let the Bullets Fly (2010), which grossed a total of $101.37 million in mainland China.

Released on April 10, the 3D reissue of Titanic took $155.28 million in total, according to enFilmbase's statistics. Not long ago, the Hollywood disaster title 2012 made 3D version especially for Chinese audiences.

Maybe we can discuss about the types of films in 3D or IMAX formats that appeal to Chinese moviegoers most.

As the chart above shows, 62% of moviegoers liked sci-fi 3D movies and 58% preferred 3D action movies, taking an absolute majority over all other genres.

55.8% of moviegoers enjoyed watching action films in IMAX theaters, while 54% preferred sci-fi movies. This shows a similar trend as that of 3D movies.

It explains why sci-fi 3D movies can easily win big in the Chinese mainland market.

The 3D film market is really booming in China and now everyone wants a piece. Director James Cameron came to China looking for cooperation, saying he would bring 3D technology here. Real D, the Beverly Hills supplier of 3D equipment to movie theaters, signed an agreement to supply 3D equipment for 100 screens in the Womei Theater Chain in China. The traffic goes both ways: Beijing Galloping Horse Film & TV Production Company formally announced its acquisition of U.S. visual effects business Digital Domain on November 4. DMAX, the screen used by some Chinese theater chains, has worked quite well and already gained a reputation not bad.

This might be an interesting phenomenon worth noting in the next several years.

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