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"Hong Kong Day" Set for November 1 at American Film Market

2012-10-31 15:54:12        Chinese Films

For the third consecutive year, the American Film Market (AFM®) and the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) will jointly present "Hong Kong Day" at the 2012 American Film Market. Taking place Thursday, November 1, Hong Kong Day will feature a day-long series of events spotlighting the benefits of co-producing in Hong Kong. AFM Managing Director Jonathan Wolf and HKTDC Assistant Executive Director Raymond Yip made the announcement today.

"Hong Kong Day" will highlight the city as Asia's co-production center, focusing on what the international film community will gain by partnering with Hong Kong companies. "Hong Kong Day" activities will kick off with an opening ceremony and ribbon-cutting at the entrance of Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel. It will also include a seminar on co-producing in Hong Kong and the China market and an evening cocktail reception for invited guests. Premiere film screenings by Hong Kong companies will also be held.

"Hong Kong's legendary film industry coupled with its free trade agreement with mainland China, the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), make Hong Kong unique and inviting for global producers," Mr. Wolf said."We welcome Raymond Yip and all our friends at the HKTDC and look forward to learning more about Hong Kong co-productions and what we can expect in the future."

"Hong Kong's film industry has the experience, the regulatory blessing and the all-important contacts to help U.S. filmmakers make the most of the emerging mainland China opportunities," added Mr. Yip.

Movies presented by Hong Kong film companies on "Hong Kong Day" are:

· The Four,from Easternlight Films

screening at Criterion 4, 9am

· The Assassins,from Easternlight

screening at Criterion 6, 3pm

· Cold War,from Edko Films Ltd.

screening at Broadway 3, 3pm

· Diva,from Emperor Motion Pictures

screening at AMC Santa Monica 4, 3pm

· Echo Planet,from Golden Network Asia Ltd

screening at Criterion 1, 3pm

· Yugo and Lala,from Golden Network Asia Ltd

screening at Broadway 2, 5pm


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