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Mainland Box Office Chart for Week 42, 2012

2012-10-26 17:27:01        Chinese Films

According to enFilmbase's China film boxoffice statistics, the mainland boxoffice gross in the 42nd week of 2012 (October15-21) was $32.12 million,down 6% from last week. Moviegoers totaled 5.91 million, for a decrease of 6% when compared to last week's numbers.

After nearly two weeks in release, Bait, the 3-D shark attack movie grabbed the boxoffice crown with a weekly gross of $10.36 million, for a new total of $18.27 million. Bring in $5.32million, Taken 2 took second place at the weekly boxoffice. Total Recall, a remake of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sci-fi film from 1990, earned $4.93 million within its first two days. This week, imported films accounted for 42% of the boxoffice revenue in Mainland China.

As the week passed, a new wave of foreign mega-budget films opened in Chinese cinemas. The big winner, Bait 3D, pulled in $10.36 million in boxoffice receipts during the past seven days, adding to a solid overall gross of $18.27 million (over RMB 100 million). While utilizing the same special effects team that produced Avatar, this imported film has emerged as a dominant role among the ten films that debuted on the same day. Even the release of Total Recall couldn't make a dent in Bait's success.

With stunning 3D visual effects and a bunch of attractive youngsters, the thrilling and adventurous story of Bait appealed to a large crowd of moviegoers. The director Kimble Rendall is quickly becoming a big star for many film companies and has reportedly come to an agreement with a Chinese company to co-produce 3D films.

Fifteen days after its debut during the National Day holiday, Taken 2 had earned a total gross of $16.83 million, or RMB 106 million. Compared to the first Taken's boxoffice gross of RMB 16 million four years ago, the potential of the mainland marketplace and the number of moviegoers has grown quite a bit.

by:EntGroup Consulting

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