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2012-10-26 13:18:15        Chinese Films

Catch the Chinese Dream and Show It to the World

The tide of Globalization has blurred the country origins of films, whose nationalities must be manifested in their universality. In the pursuit of the Chinese Dream, we should actively participate in the construction of Globalization as a common goal of human values.

It was in the wake of this globalization trend that the State Administration of Radio, Film and TV (SARFT) decided to establish the China Film Promotion International (CFPI) in April 2004 as a non-profit membership agency and decreed for its incorporation in June 2006 as a limited liability company directly under the jurisdiction of SARFT who acts as its all time backbone.

A combined and concerted force of the overall Chinese film industry, CFPI aims at promoting Chinese films worldwide and exchanges in film culture between China and the rest of the world by integrating the Chinese film resources, establishing a unified publicity platform and exportation channel, and providing our existing 70-plus member companies and other film production enterprises with all-around overseas promotion and sales services.

With our knowledge and understanding of the international market situations and the overseas business data and distribution network, we will be able to bridge philosophies between the Chinese film industry and international film buyers, articulate the voice of Chinese film and make the Chinese Dream glow on the global film screens.

Yang Buting  Chairman               Zhou Tiedong President

Add: No.25 Xinwai Street, Beijing 100082, P.R.China

Tel: (8610) 62261397  ; Fax: (8610) 62264100

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