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"Hushed Roar" Set for November Release

2012-10-23 14:10:52        Chinese Films

The conceptual poster of "Hushed Roar" [Photo:]

The production company behind the Anti-Japanese war film "Hushed Roar" released a collection of still shots today, reports.

The film is directed by Xiao Feng, and stars Li Zonghan, Lee Lichun, Liu Yun, Tien Niu, Tenma Shibuya, Wang Pei, Gao Zifeng and Wu Zhoutong.

"Hushed Roar" is viewed through a post-80's modern girl's eyes, focusing on the Zhongtiao Mountain Battle which lasted more than a month in 1938.

The film has been scheduled for release in mainland cinemas on November 2.

By Liu Shuai

The trailer of the film "Hushed Roar"

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