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Frank Priot Supports the First China Int'l Micro-film Competition

2012-10-19 16:14:06        Chinese Films

Frank Priot Supports the First China Int'l Micro-film Competition. [Photo:]

Frank Priot, Deputy Director of Film France Commission Nationale, arrived at China Radio International (CRI) yesterday in support of the First China International Micro-film Competition, reports.

The event was organized by China International Broadcasting Network (CIBN) and opened to various countries. The organizing committee received entries from some 293 candidates from across eight countries including the U.S. and the UK.

Priot, who was invited as a special guest of the competition, watched a number of the films and commented that he would like to take the top 3 films to France.

The video selection process will close on October 28. The top three competitors will be crowned executive directors of the Sino-French commercial movie "Qing Ding Ba Li", or in English "Fall in Love in Paris."

By Chen Nan

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