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Lu Chuan's Film May be Released in November

2012-10-17 10:06:47        Chinese Films

One of China's most innovative filmmakers, Lu Chuan has attempted to reinvent the Chinese historical epic with The Last Supper, which screens at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival in the Narrative Competition.

The $14m film is based on true events surrounding the fall of the Qin Dynasty and the rise of the Han Dynasty in the third century BC. Leading Chinese actor Liu Ye plays Han Dynasty emperor Liu Bang, while Hong Kong star Daniel Wu plays his friend and eventual rival, Xiang Yu.

Backed by Beijing-based Stellar Megamedia, The Last Supper has had its Chinese release date delayed a few times, as it deals with political issues in a year when China's leadership is changing hands, but may be released in November. Wild Bunch boarded the film last year as international sales agent. It received its world premiere at this year's Toronto International Film Festival.


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