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Domestic Films Reschedule Release Dates to Avoid Foreign Competition

2012-10-16 18:17:09        Chinese Films

Poster of "The Bourne Legacy."[]

Chinese audiences will see more Foreign films in October. "Total Recall" and "The Bourne Legacy" are to be screened in mainland cinemas on October 20 and 25 respectively, reports.

Besides "Total Recall" and "The Bourne", there are more foreign films that have already been released or will be released on the mainland, including "Anna Karenina" (October 16), "The Cold Day of Light" (October 12) and "Taken 2".

Facing this tough situation, domestic films have chosen to postpone their debuts. "Cold War" rescheduled their release date from October 18 to November 8, "Whoever" from October 19 to November 9 and "Natural Lover" to November 8.

By Ma Sicong

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