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Cast and Crew Promote "CZ12" at the Bird's Nest

2012-10-15 18:31:39        Chinese Films

Cast and crew of "CZ12."[]

The cast and crew of the blockbuster "CZ12", including director/actor Jackie Chan, producer Wang Zhonglei and actors Yao Xingtong, Zhang Lanxin, French actress Laura Weissbeckerand Liao Fan attended a press conference held at the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing yesterday, reports.

The production company behind the project also issued a new trailer and a set of outtakes during the event.

Jackie Chan stated that the film provided him with a feeling he had never experienced before once production was complete. "Being in this industry for 52 years, this is the first time that I have cried after finishing shooting. We've been to 8 different places in different regions; so we really feel exhausted!"

Producer Wang Zhonglei, who is also the CEO of Huayi Brothers, revealed the details of a text message that Chan sent to him one year ago regarding the wrap-up of the film. In the text message, Chan told Wang his true feelings regarding the tiring experience of filming across a range of locations.

The film, which opens in mainland cinemas on December 20, is about a crew of professional thieves, known as the JC12, who intend to get their hands on four ancient Chinese antiques and bring them back to China while fighting against a group of overseas dark powers in the process.

By Ma Sicong

New trailer of "CZ12."[Video courtesy of]

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