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Donnie Yen Gives up Kung Fu in New Film

2012-10-09 16:03:29        Chinese Films

The still of "Together" features Donnie Yen. [Photo:]

The still of "Together" features Ko Chen Tung. [Photo:]

The still of "Together" features Michelle Chen. [Photo:]

The production company behind the romance film "Together" announced today the film is slated for release during the 2013 Valentine's Day holiday.

A collection of the still shots was also released for the first time, reports.

The film stars renowned kung fu star Donnie Yen and two young actors Ko Chen Tung and Michelle Chen who both shot to stardom for their performances in last year's phenomenal romance film "You Are the Apple of My Eye."

Acclaimed as one of the few big kung fu stars in China, Yen this time won't show off his martial arts skills. Instead, he will focus on having a romantic relationship.

"Together" has completed shooting.

By Liu Shuai

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