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Li Yu's "Double Xposure" Grosses Higher Box Office Earnings Than Her Last Film

2012-10-08 14:41:47        Chinese Films

Fan Bingbing in "Double Xposure" [Photo:]

Director Li Yu's latest film "Double Xposure" has earned higher returns at the box office during the National Day holiday slot than her last movie.

"Double Xposure," starring Fan Bingbing, Huo Siyan and Feng Shaofeng, grossed about 80 million yuan (US$12.7 million) in ticket revenue during the nine-day screening period which began on September 29. The amount exceeded the total earnings of Li's last film, the art-house production "Buddha Mountain" which was released in 2011 and garnered 78 million yuan (US$12.4 million).

As Li's first commercial project, "Double Xposure" is expected to earn more than 100 million yuan at the box office this year. The film will be screened until the end of October.

By Liu Shuai

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