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Mainland Box Office Chart for Week 37, 2012

2012-09-29 16:26:02        Chinese Films

According to enFilmbase's China film boxoffice statistics, the mainland boxoffice gross in the 37th week of 2012 (September 10-16) was$41.57 million,a 32% decrease from the previous week. Moviegoers this week totaled 7.34 million, a 32% slump when compared to the previous week's numbers.

The top four films were the samewith last week. "The Expendables 2" kept dominating the list with a weekly gross of $14.88 million. "Prometheus" added $9.33 million for a total of $29.46 million during the past seven days. "The Dark Knight Rises" grossed $5.99 million for a new total of $51.26 million, which ranked first place among those four blockbusters. "The Amazing Spider-man" hauled in $4.41 million the past week for a solid $48.39 million total. Postponed for some "technical issues", "White Deer Plain" grossed $3.62 million over the first two days in release. This week, the mainland market share of Hollywood imports was 86%.

This week, "Tad: The Lost Explorer In 3D", "Sad Fairy Tale" and "White Deer Plain" got debut in the Chinese mainland. Scheduled for September 13, "White Deer Plain" had been expected to be much more competitive than the former two. Unfortunately, due to "technical issues", it had been pulled off till two days later on September 15. Anyway, "White Deer Plain" failed to show a good performance.

Accounted for 83% of the total gross, these four Hollywood blockbusters hadreigned over the film market for quite a while. The ranking of the top four films on the weekly charts kept the same, but they all had a 40% slump each comparing to last week's numbers. Way much higher than "The Expendables", "The Expendables 2" grossed $14.88 million for a total of $40.04 million, which proved LeTV's impressive ability to rule over the market. "Prometheus" hauled in $9.33 million the past week. Having been released for three weeks, "The Dark Knight Rises" and "The Amazing Spider-man" became less competitive.

After suffering many setbacks before its release, the epic film "White Deer Plain" finally debuted in cinemas on September 15. Adapted from Cheng Zhongshi's novel of the same name, which consist of 500,000 Chinese characters, the film is considered incapable of adaptation. The final version, after many cuts, is 156 minutes, but the original from director Wang Quanan is 220 minutes. The boxoffice revenue for its first weekend amounted to $3.62 million even though many cinemas in second-and third-tier cities haven't screened it yet. Since the latest installment of "Detective Conan" series and "Looper" are postponed, there might be a steady rise at the novel-adapted film's boxoffice.

According to enFilmbase statistics, "The Expendables 2" reigned over mainland boxoffice screenings, enjoying 30% of the market share in terms of total number of screenings, which was followed by "Prometheus" with 18% market share. "The Dark Knight Rises" and "The Amazing Spider-man" took in 13% and 11% respectively. With a late start in cinemas, "White Deer Plain" took in 4% of the weekly screenings.

Next week (Sep. 17-23, 2012), the films below will be released in Mainland China. As the National Day is around the corner, big-budget films have not yet start their theater runs until the week after. There is no better time for small-budget films to grab the opportunity. "The Woman in Black", starring Daniel Radcliffe was scheduled for September 20, while "That Year School Ended", "Great Rescue" and "Du Jiang!" will be released on September 21.

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