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Zhang Yimou on "Double Xposure": This is an Ambitious Director

2012-09-28 15:05:13        Chinese Films

Zhang Yimou. [Photo:]

Famous Chinese director Zhang Yimou attended the premiere ceremony of director Li Yu's suspense romance "Double Xposure" on Monday, reports.

It was a rare public appearance by Zhang who has maintained a low profile since his breakup with longtime cooperative partner Zhang Weiping and New Pictures production company.

At the screening, he had high praise for the movie during a meeting with Li Yu and actress Fan Bingbing.

"This is a very challenging subject, but Li dealt with it with very superb skills," Zhang said. "And this is an ambitious director. Many male directors wouldn't have had the courage to make such a story."

Zhang and Li have known each other for more than 15 years. Li once worked alongside Zhang in 1998 on the set of "Not One Less." She made a documentary about the movie.

Zhang said he hoped Li could continue her filming style and make more courageous works in the future.

By Chen Nan

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