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Actor Wu Xiubo to Join "Iron Man 3"?

2012-09-24 16:34:13        Chinese Films

Wu Xiubo [Photo:]

The production company behind the Hollywood potential blockbuster "Iron man 3" revealed in April that the new sequel will cast some Chinese actors and shoot in some locations in China.

Since then, Chen Kun, Fan Bingbing and Andy Lau were rumored to be potential cast members.

The latest one is Wang Xueqi, who was spotted talking with "Iron Man 3" chief producer Dan Mintz.

One industry insider said today that Wu will join the upcoming film, playing opposite Robert Downey Jr..

Wu has portrayed a batch of popular television characters (such as the doctor in "Angel Heart") and his latest silver screen work is the martial arts blockbuster "The Four," which was released July 12.

According to the source, Wu got the edge for "Iron Man 3" because a well-known laptop brand he endorses will have product placement in the film.

By Liu Shuai

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