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Final Trailer of "Double Xposure" Out

2012-09-21 14:15:33        Chinese Films

A news conference was held yesterday with Fang Li, Li Yu and Fanbingbing in attendace [Photo:]

The final trailer for the upcoming film "Double Xposure" was released at a press conference held yesterday in Shanghai, reports.

Producer Fang Li, director Li Yu and lead actress Fan Bingbing appeared at the event.

Actress Fan said, "In director Li Yu's film, I am always true to myself and feel free. "

Fan and Li have worked together previously on two films. Among them, the box office revenue of the art-house production "Buddha Mountain" grossed 70 million yuan (US $1.16 million), a pretty good result for a film of such a genre in China.

"Double Xposure" also stars Feng Shaofeng, Huo Siyan and Joan Chen.

The release date in mainland cinemas is September 29.

The final trailer of "Double Xposure" [Video courtesy of]

By Liu Shuai

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