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Stephen Chow's New Film Set to Release in Early 2013

2012-09-19 13:24:21        Chinese Films

Stephen Chow [Photo:]

The company ChinaVision Media Group Limited yesterday announced that Stephen Chow's upcoming film is slated for release during the Spring Festival slot in 2013, reports.

The announcement was made at the celebration party of company's third anniversary.

"Chu Mo Chuan Qi," directed by Stephen Chow and starring Fuuny Shu, Huang Bo and Wen Zhang, marks the first collaboration between ChinaVision Media and Chow.

It was also announced that Chow signed a seven-year contract with the company to shoot five films.

As another important part of the event, individual studios set up by company's signed artists including Ge You, Chen Baoguo, Huang Bo, Yin Li, Ding Sheng, Hai Yan, Yan Geling and Dong Zhe were launched.

Among them, "Police Story 2013," directed by Ding Sheng and starring Jackie Chan will be released next year, while director Yin Li's upcoming film "White Orange" (Bai Ju Zi) will cast some A-list Hollywood stars.

By Liu Shuai

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