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New Still Photos of Feng Shaofeng in "Double Xposure"

2012-09-18 17:44:41        Chinese Films

Feng Shaofeng and Fan Bingbing.[]

The production company behind the upcoming romance "Double Xposure" released a series of still shots yesterday featuring popular actor Feng Shaofeng, reports.

The film follows director Li Yu's movie "Buddha Mountain" for which Fan won her first Best Actress award last year at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

In "Double Xposure," Fan plays Song Qi, an image consultant who works at a cosmetic surgery hospital and discovers that her boyfriend Liu Dong (Feng Shaofeng) had an affair with her close friend, Xiao Xi (Huo Siyan). She becomes involved in a murder case after Xiao mysteriously disappears.

"Double Xposure" is scheduled open in mainland cinemas on September 29.

By Ma Sicong

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