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"Switch" Releases First Official Poster

2012-09-14 16:51:10        Chinese Films

Poster of "Switch."[]

The producers behind "Switch" today issued the action movie's first official poster, while director Sun Jianjun revealed that preparations for a sequel had already begun, reports.

The spy film features an all-star lineup with actors from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including Andy Lau, Tong Dawei, Lin Chi-ling and Zhang Jingchu.

"Switch" tells the intriguing story of two men and two women. Special agent Xiao Jinhan (Andy Lau) and insurance company employee Lin Yuyan (Zhang Jingchu) are on a mission to protect the world-famous drawing "Fu Chun Shan Ju Tu," which is also the target of a Japanese gangster (Tong Dawei).

"Switch" will be released in mainland cinemas on November 2.

By Ma Sicong

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