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Introduction of the Film

Director: Zhao Linshan

Cast members: Chow Yun-fat, Liu Yifei, Alec Su, Yao Lu, N i Dahong

Release date: September 26

The Assassins, previously known as Bronze Sparrow Terrace, is an upcoming Chinese historical drama film directed by Zhao Linshan, starring Chow Yun-fat as Han Dynasty warlord Cao Cao. The film focuses on Cao Cao's life in his later years.The supporting cast includes Liu Yifei, Alec Su, Yao Lu and Ni Dahong. The film's Chinese title is a reference to the Bronze Sparrow Platform , a terrace constructed in 210 by Cao Cao in the ancient city of Ye.Between the late 190s and 200s during the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Cao defeated Lü Bu and other rival warlords to gain supremacy in northern China. In 216, Cao Cao forced Emperor Xian to grant him the title of a vassal king, "King of Wei".

Cao Cao then had the Bronze Sparrow Platform constructed as a display of power.Mu Shun and Lingju, a pair of young lovers who have undergone five years of training as assassins in a prisoner-of-war camp, are preparing to accomplish a secret mission. In 220, Cao Cao's son Cao Pi urges his father to take the Han throne and replace Emperor Xian.  


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Who is Cao Cao
Introduction of Cao Cao
Characters in Film

Cao Cao

Portrayed by: Chow Yun-fat

Characteristics: suspicious, eager for power,  lecherous

Ling Sui

Portrayed by: Liu Yifei

Characteristics: beautiful, good at dancing, trained as the killer since very young

Characters in Film

Emperor Xian

Portrayed by: Alec Su

Characteristics: a vassal king, loving singing opera with masks, performing as a fatuous emperor, but always seek to get rid of the control of Cao Cao

Empress Fu

Portrayed by: Shizuka Inoh

Characteristics: Emperor Xian's wife, brave and smart, seeking revenge for her husband

Bronze Sparrow Terrace
Cao Cao built the famous Bronze Sparrow Terrace where musicians and dancers would perform to entertain guests at his banquets.
Sketch 1

Water Scene of Bronze Sparrow Terrace
Sketch 2

Night Scene of Bronze Sparrow Terrace
Sketch 3

Snow Scene of Bronze Sparrow Terrace

"The Assassins" Releases New Trailers

New Trailer for "The Assassins" Released
Still Photos

Empress Fu Portrayed by Shizuka Inoh

Emperor Xian Portrayed by Alec Su

Cao Cao Portrayed by Chow Yun-fat

Ling Sui Portrayed by Liu Yifei
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