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More "Double Xposure" Still Pics Released

2012-09-13 17:35:19        Chinese Films

Still of Huo Siyan.[]

The production company of the upcoming drama/romance "Double Xposure" released the latest still photos featuring actress Huo Siyan today, reports.

In the film, Fan Bingbing plays the role of Song Qi, an image consultant working at a cosmetic surgery hospital who discovers that her boyfriend Liu Dong (Feng Shaofeng) had an affair with her close friend, Xiao Xi (Huo Siyan). What's worse is that Song gets involved in a murder case after Xiao mysteriously disappears.

Judging from previously released stills is the mystery of Xiao's real relationship with Song – is it based on love or hate?

"Double Xposure" is scheduled to be released on September 29 on the mainland.

By Ma Sicong

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