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White-haired Fan Bingbing in "Double Xposure"

2012-09-11 14:16:54        Chinese Films

New still photos feature new image of actress Fan Bingbing in "Double Xposure." [Photo:]

The production company behind the suspense film "Double Xposure" has released a collection of still photos featuring Fan Bingbing with short white hair, reports.

"Double Xposure" director Li Yu has cast Fan as the lead actress in three of her consecutive films, including "Ping Guo" in 2007 and "Buddha Mountain" in 2011.

In "Double Xposure" Fan plays a cosmetic consultant who is caught up in a double-murder mystery.

The film, which also stars Feng Shaofeng, Joan Chen, Huo Siyang and Liang Jing, will be released in mainland cinemas on September 29.

By Liu Shuai

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