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Philippe Muyl Directs Sino-French Co-production "Nightingale"

2012-09-11 17:17:20        Chinese Films

Philippe Muyl, Li Xiaoran (right 1) and Qin Hao (left 1) at the press conference. [Photo:]

Famous French director Philippe Muyl attended a press conference today in Beijing to promote his Sino-French co-production "Nightingale," reports.

Muyl was accompanied by Chinese actors Li Xiaoran and Qin Hao at the event.

Somewhat similar to Muyl's 2002 film "The Butterfly," the urban comedy revolves around the journey of a grandparent and his grandchild.

The film's shooting locations include Beijing, Guangxi and Paris.

The movie is slated for release next June in China and France.

By Chen Nan

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