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"Chinese Zodiac" Releases New Poster and Stills

2012-09-10 17:39:47        Chinese Films

New poster for "Chinese Zodiac."[]

The production company of "Chinese Zodiac", Jackie Chan's latest action flick, released the most recent promotional poster and a number of stills online yesterday, reports.

The cast and crew, including director/writer/actor Jackie Chan, and actors Yao Xingtong, Zhang Lanxin, Laura Weissbecker and Caitlin Dechelle are currently attending the 2012 Toronto International Film Festvial (TIFF) to promote the project.

Confirmed by the man himself, "Chinese Zodiac" will be Jackie Chan's last action-movie project. However, the 58-year-old megastar is not bidding farewell to the film industry entirely.

The film is about a crew of professional thieves, known as the JC12, who intend to get their hands on four ancient Chinese antiques and bring them back to China, fighting against a group of overseas dark powers in the process.

By Ma Sicong

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