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Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu Work Together Big Screen Ambitions

2012-09-05 11:08:36        Chinese Films

Daniel Wu and Stephen Fung [Photo:]

Stephen Fung and Daniel Wu have been busy recently with promoting their upcoming kung fu movie "Taichi 0", Fung and Wu's first foray into the realm of co-production.

Their company's name is Diversion Pictures and was established under support from Huayi Brothers in 2011.

Wu mentioned that the Chinese film market is boring, filled with costume dramas and romance comedies.

"It is unhealthy. We should try some different genres," Wu said.

He also revealed that "Taichi 0" had interesting elements such as rock-and-roll music in an operation to appeal to younger viewers.

Wu also explained that they call the company "diversion" because it means you can choose different ways to make films.

"It is not a revolution or rebellion, just a simple way to express ourselves," said Wu.

Fung added, "We're not sure if it will be successful or not, but at least we tried to change."

By Liu Shuai

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