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New Kung Fu Star Yuan Xiaochao Receives Positive Reviews

2012-09-03 16:26:26        Chinese Films

Yuan Xiaochao [Photo:]

The martial arts film "Taichi 0", the only Chinese film screened at the 69th Venice International Film Festival, wraps up its Venice journey, reports.

New interpretations of Chinese kung fu by adding elements of punk, romance and electronic games has aroused the foreign media's interest.

As a new face in the film industry, the former martial arts champion in 2008 Olympic Games received positive reviews from ABC, Reuters, Filmweb, Beyond Hollywood, First Showing and IndieWIRE, and the Associated Press released a batch of photos featuring Yuan Xiaochao and award-winner Tony Leung.

Directed by Stephen Fung and produced by the Huayi Brothers, "Taichi 0" is loosely based on the story of Yang Luchan, the founder of Yang style Tai Chi.

It will be released in mainland cinemas on September 27.

By Liu Shuai

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