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"Dangerous Liaisons"

Directed by: Hur Jin-ho
Genre: Romance/ Feature
Cast: Zhang Ziyi as Du Fenyu
          Jang Dong-gun as Xie Yifan
          Cecilia Cheung as Mo Jieyu
          Shawn Dou as Dai Wenzhou
Release date: September 27
Running time: 110 minutes
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Budget: 150 Million Yuan(US$24.2 million)
Synopsis: Set in Shanghai in the 1930s, a philanderer played by Jang enters into a dangerous liaison by engaging in a game of love and sex with two women. Zhang Ziyi and Cecilia Cheung play Jang's lovers.

Director Hur Jin-ho

Born on August 8, 1963 in South Korea
A filmdirector and screen wiriter

Hur graduated from Yonsei University with a degree in philosophy and went on to study filmmaking at the Korean Academy of Film Arts.

His first steps as a film director did not go unnoticed as his first short, For Go-chul, was selected for the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Many of his feature films, Christmas in August (shown at the Critics' Week in Cannes in 1998), April Snow (2005) and Happiness (2007) are variations on Hur's favorite theme: love.

 Zhang Ziyi as Du Fenyu

An earnest young widow who becomes a key pawn in Xie and Mo's revenge-driven seduction wager.


 Jang Dong-gun as Xie Yifan

A heartbreaking libertine who tries to seduce Du for revenge.


 Cecilia Cheung as Mo Jieyu

A wealthy femme fatale and Xie's manipulative sparring patner.

Zhang & Cheung in Fight?

Zonbo Media,the production company behind the film, has started promoting "Dangerous Liaisons," actress Zhang Ziyi has never attended any promotional events.

Although Zhang previously said she was busy filming Wong Kar-wai's "The Grand Masters," rumors began to circulate that her absence was due to her chilly relationship with Cecilia Cheung, the other lead actress in the movie.

Some reports said Zhang had been in a very bad mood since they started filming "Dangerous Liaisons" because she believed Cheung had stolen her thunder.


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Jang Dong-gun Seduces Zhang Ziyi in "Dangerous Liaisons"

New Stills of "Dangerous Liaisons" Out

Director and Actors Portray Dangerous Liaisons

Zhang Ziyi in "Dangerous Liaison"

Cecilia Cheung Vamps It Up in 'Dangerous Liaisons' Photos

Still Photos of Zhang Ziyi in "Dangerous Liaisons"

Zhang Ziyi, Cecilia Cheung Vie for One Man in "Dangerous Liaisons"

Tidbit for "Dangerous Liaison" Released

Jang Dong-gun's Character Trailer of "Dangerous Liaisons"

"Dangerous Liaisons" Released Character Trailer
Producer:This is a Great Movie

During a news conference of his kung fu flick "Taichi" on July 17, producer Chen Guofu sent a message to all peers that they will face a tremendous failure for releasing their movies on the same date of his movie, which is September 28. But one person sneered at his bold announcement.

Chen Weiming, CEO of Zonbo Media, told a Changjing Business Daily reporter yesterday that Chen is the person who should reconsider his movie's release date.

Chen said,  "we have a good script, a good production team and a good producer. We have good reasons to attract audiences."


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