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Jackie Chan Promotes "Chinese Zodiac" in Beijing

2012-08-28 14:20:50        Chinese Films

From left to right, Zhang Lanxin, Yao Xingtong and Jackie Chan.[]

The production company behind "Chinese Zodiac" held a press conference yesterday in Beijing to promote the latest Jackie Chan action movie, reports.

Chan, who also is serving as the project's scriptwriter and director, attended the event with actresses Yao Xingtong and Zhang Lanxin.

The 58-year-old global megastar said "Chinese Zodiac" would be his last action project, although he was not bidding farewell to the film industry.

"I am aging and suffering from many injuries," Chan said at the event. "But 'Chinese Zodiac' is not the end of my career. I still have several other types of scripts in hand."

Chan uses a new prop in the film—a 24-wheel roller suit.

"Its dangerous, but it's fun because no one has ever done it," he said. "Thanks to all my works, I have learned plenty of things so I really feel happy."

"Chinese Zodiac" is slated to hit silver screens nationwide on December 20.

By Ma Sicong

New trailer for "Chinese Zodiac."[Video courtesy of]

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