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Cast and Crew Promote "Taichi 0" in Beijing

2012-08-22 18:35:21        Chinese Films

Cast and crew of "Taichi 0."[]

The cast and crew of the upcoming kung-fu fantasy movie "Taichi 0," including producer Wang Zhonglei, director Stephen Fung and lead actors Tony Leung, Ka Fai and Eddie Peng, attended a promotional press conference today in Beijing, reports.

With its 220-million yuan (US$34.6 million) budget, it is the most expensive kung-fu flick in Chinese film history. "Taichi 0" is also the only Chinese film that has been officially invited to the 69th Venice International Film Festival, which runs August 29-September 8.

Both 3D and IMAX versions of "Taichi 0" and its sequel "Taichi II" will hit mainland cinemas on September 27 and October 25, respectively.

By Ma Sicong

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