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"Silent War" to Earn 200 Million Yuan in Second Week

2012-08-17 15:23:55        Chinese Films

A still from the movie "The Silent War." [Photo:]

The star-studded spy-themed movie "The Silent War" will gross box office revenue of 200 million yuan (US$3.14 million) in its second week of screening, reports.

The movie featuring Tony Leung as a blind agent and Zhou Xun as his mentor hit mainland cinemas on August 7. It has taken the first spot on the mainland's box office revenue chart after raking in 150 million yuan during its first week of screening.

Zhou's stunning appearance as an attractive senior agent in the movie has drawn a great deal of attention from moviegoers.

In "The Great Magician," the last production in which Zhou and Leung both starred, the two actors played each other's first love. But "The Silent War" is a one-side love story between the two.

Industry insiders expect the movie to continue its box office success in the weeks to come.

By Chen Nan

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