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"Caught in the Web" Collects 180 Million Yuan at Box Office

2012-08-14 16:48:09        Chinese Films

Poster of "Caught in the Web."[]

Director Chen Kaige's latest film "Caught in the Web" has raked in 180 million yuan ($28.3 million) in mainland box office receipts. The director recently said that "Caught in the Web" has been invited to the Toronto International Film Festival, reports.

Many film critics regard "Caught in the Web" as Chen's return to a more realistic genre following his 2002 project "Together with You."

The film focuses on Internet violence and flesh searches in today's society, while depicting the growing pains of five female characters.

Five mainland actresses star as the movie's heroines with Gao Yuanyuan portraying a white-collar worker; Yao Chen, a journalist; Chen Hong, a wealthy housewife; Wang Luodan, a newcomer to the media scene; and Chen Ran, a secretary.

The movie also features Mark Chao and Wang Xueqi.

The film will also be screened in Hong Kong in October.

By Ma Sicong

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