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Chinese Director Wins Award at Locarno

2012-08-13 13:29:33        Chinese Films

Song Fang took pictures with her trophy. [Photo:]

Chinese director Song Fang's feature film "Memories Look at Me" won the Best First Feature Award at the 65th Locarno International Film Festival on Saturday, reports.

Song accepted her trophy at the awards ceremony. The judging panel said the movie was "a very brave production with a great personality made for all families of the world."

"Memories Look at Me" was produced and supervised by director Jia Zhangke, a favorite at foreign film festivals who won a Lifetime Achievement Award at Locarno in 2010. It is also the second project of Jia's Young Directors Support Plan. The first project was Han Jie's award-winning black comedy "Hello! Mr. Tree."

The Best First Feature Award recognizes the debut works of new directors.

By Chen Nan

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