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Mainland Box Office Chart for Week 30, 2012

2012-08-13 09:57:40        Chinese Films

According to enFilmbase's China film boxoffice statistics, the mainland boxoffice gross in the 30th week of 2012 (July 23-29) was $46.13 million, a 13% increase from the previous week. Moviegoers this week totaled 8.23 million, a growth of 8% when compared to the previous week's numbers.

The big debut in mainland China in the past week was "Ice Age: Continental Drift", which took the top spot with $20.71 million over three days in release. The score set a new record of opening week boxoffice for animated feature film which got released in mainland China of all time. Martial arts flick "The Four" dropped to number two on the boxoffice chart from last week's first place, hauling in $5.42 million in its third week of release for a three-week total of $29.58 million. "Painted Skin: The Resurrection" ended its fifth week of release at third place on the boxoffice chart, adding $4.77 million for a total of $113.92 million. This past week, the top five domestic films as a whole, accounted for 43% of the weekly total gross.

Co-produced by 20th Century Fox and Blue Sky Studios, the fourth installment of the "Ice Age" film franchise has set release last Friday, debuting to top spot with a stunning $ 20.71 million over three days in release. Its opening week boxoffice receipts surpassed the outstanding score that "Kung Fu Panda 2" collected in 2011( which took in $16.82 million over its first week), breaking a new record of opening week gross of animated feature film which got released in mainland China historically. Every installment of "Ice Age" franchise got released in mainland China, and that contributed a lot to the fourth entry because of the accumulated fans group. Amongst these, "Ice Age 2" (2006) grossed a total of RMB 36 million, while "Ice Age 3" (2009) which showed in 3D format, hauled in an amazing RMB 157 million as a total boxoffice receipts. Along with high-qualified 3D vision effect, the fourth entry maintained a sense of humor, seizing high market share over the past week in movie theaters.

Looking at the chart below, most of the animated feature films which got satisfied boxoffice return are screened during summer holidays, during which time slot fierce competition at the boxoffice grips movie theaters around the world. Students are the main target audience for movies through the period of time, particularly animated titles. Besides "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf" series (top five and top seven on the chart) are homegrown titles, most of the top ten animated feature films are coming from Hollywood.

Local martial arts flick "The Four" garnered $5.42 million over the past week, taking the second place on the boxoffice chart. "Painted Skin:The Resurrection" continued its huge commercial success, raking in $4.77 million this past week for a total of $113.92 million, finishing its fifth week of release in the third place on boxoffice chart. South Korean stylished thriller "Bunshinsaba" had a strong ability to make money, garnering $3.18 million this past week while it totaled $8.27 million over fouteen days in release. Another animated feature film imported from Tinseltown, "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax", just taking in $0.91 million in its opening week here, partially due to the rampant piracy that pior to its wild public release in theaters, pirate DVD content has been spread wildly on internet.

Source: EntGroup Consulting

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