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Final Trailer for "Lethal Hostage" Released

2012-08-08 13:21:33        Chinese Films

The final trailer of the film "Lethal Hostage" [Video courtesy of]

A news conference for the crime thriller "Lethal Hostage" was held yesterday in Beijing, reports.

The final trailer of the film was released at the event with lead actors Sun Honglei and Wang Luodan in attendance.

Produced by Ning Hao and directed by Cheng Er, the film also stars Yang Kun, Ni Dahong and Zhang Mo.

In the film, Wang Luodan plays a hostage who falls in love with her kidnapper, portrayed by Sun Honglei, and tries her best to help him get back on right track.

When asked about the expected box office revenue for the film, actor sun replied, "It will at least gross 80 million yuan (US$12.5 million). If it amounts to 100 million yuan(US$15.7 million), that will be better."

Producer Ning Hao once praised "Lethal Hostage" as "a film filled with elegant masculinity."

"Lethal Hostage" will meet audiences in cinemas on August 17.

By Liu Shuai

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