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Jackie Chan Brings "Rush Hour 4" Back

2012-08-01 17:18:50        Chinese Films

A scene in "Rush Hour 3" [Photo:]

Word on the street is that actors Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will soon be back on the screen as the mismatched cops in "Rush Hour 4".

Chan and Tucker play unlikely detective partners Lee and James Carter.

Producer Arthur Sarkissian told Crave magazine that they are looking to style the fourth Rush Hour movie on the first film which was more gritty and down to earth.

Sarkissian also says that he was not happy with the last Rush Hour film but he loved the first and second film.

But the producer says that there might not be as many crazy martial-arts moves from Chan as in the first, because the Hong Kong superstar is a little older these days.

The last three films took over 800 million U.S. dollars in the box offices worldwide.

Edited by Alexandra Blucher

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