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Hottest Celebrity "Couple" Vie for their Slice of the ND Box Office Pie

2012-07-31 16:22:03        Chinese Films

A still photo features Fan Bingbing in "Double Xposure." [Photo:]

The National Day holiday slot is one of the few lucrative screening times for Chinese filmmakers. Domestic blockbusters vie for their slice of the box office, and Fan Bingbing's upcoming film is a media favorite.

Her film, "Double Xposure", will hit cinemas nationwide on September 29.

Directed by Li Yu, the film also stars actor Feng Shaofeng and actress Huo Siyan. It marks the first on-screen cooperation between Fan Bingbing and Feng Shaofeng, making this a highly-anticipated premier.

A new host of stills featuring Fan and Feng were released to build momentum before the release.

By Liu Shuai

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