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Chinese Films to Enter American Homes

2012-07-31 09:46:56        Chinese Films
Many Chinese audiences may be familiar with American blockbusters, but Chinese films are rarely-known among Americans. The good news is, under the joint effort of Chinese and US filmmakers, this situation may soon be changed., the China Movie Channel website, and Jiaflix, an American based enterprise, have teamed together to stream Chinese movies through set-top boxes. It will bring thousands of Chinese flicks into North American families' homes.

Liang Longfei, Vice President,, said, "We were aiming at overseas Chinese people at the beginning. But unexpectedly many Americans also began to show great interest in Chinese movies. Because they wanted to learn Chinese through films. It's evidence that Chinese culture is becoming more popular among foreign people."

Sid Ganis, the former president of the Oscars, and the chairman of Jiaflix, is also optimistic about the prospect of Chinese films in the global market.

Sid Ganis said, "They are as good as films from the US, from France, from England. Now we have to make the leap the other way, Chinese films are doing good business, important business in the US. We can do it."

Meanwhile, as the honorary president of the 3rd New York Chinese Film Festival, Ganis also unveiled the new poster for the festival, which opens on October 17th. He said it's the perfect way for the two cultures to bond together through the art of film. And he believed US audiences will finally know more about Chinese films.


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