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Zhao Wei (Vicki Zhao)

Born on 12 March 1976

Honors: Best Actress of the Shanghai Int'l Film Festival, Best Actress of the Huabiao Awards, Best Actress of the Hundred Flowers Award, Best Actress of Changchun Int'l Film Festival.

Position: Vice Chairwoman of the China Film Performance Art Institute

Representative Works: "Painted Skin," "Mulan," "Jade Goddess of Mercy," "Green Tea."

Zhou Xun

Born on October 18, 1974

Honors: Best Actress of Hong Kong Film Awards, Best Actress of Golden Horse Awards, Best Actress of Asian Fim Awards, Best Actress of Golden Rooster Film Awards and Hundred Flowers Awards

Representative Works: "Painted Skin," "The Message," "Perhaps Love"

Photo Gallery

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Love Game in "Painted Skin 2"

Vicky Zhao, Zhou Xun, Intimate Girls in "Painted Skin 2"

Vicky Zhao, the Vulnerable Princess Gets Naked in "Painted Skin 2"
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