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Zhao Wei Celebrates Box Office Success with a Kiss and a Gold Mask

2012-07-27 13:59:37        Chinese Films

Director Wu Ershan (right), Zhao Wei and producer Pang Hong (left) at the party. [Photo:]

After setting a new box office record with a total of 685 million yuan (US$ 107.1 million), the production side of the movie "Painted Skin 2" held a celebration party yesterday in Shanghai, reports.

Director Wu Ershan, producer Pang Hong, actresses Zhao Wei and Chen Tingjing attended the event.

To express her gratitude, lead actress Zhao gave the golden mask she wore in the movie to the director and kissed the producer.

The movie did well in Taiwan and Hong Kong. It was also screened in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.

A grand celebration event will kick off in Beijing very soon.

"Painted Skin 2" is expected to pass the milestone of 700 million yuan after four weeks of screening.

By Chen Nan

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