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"Switch" Set for Release on November 2

2012-07-27 13:56:10        Chinese Films

Director Zhang Jianjun and 3D vision effects director Chuck Comisky at the press conference. [Photo:]

The adventure action flick "Switch," starring Andy Lau, Tong Dawei, Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling, has set its release date for November 2, reports.

The news was released during a press conference yesterday in Beijing with director Zhang Jianjun and 3D vision effects director Chuck Comisky in attendance.

With an investment of over 160 million yuan (about US$26 million), the movie was originally set to be released during the National Day Holiday slot. According to Zhang, in order to set aside enough time for the 3D effect team, they had postponed the movie's release to November.

Comisky is one of the top-ranking 3D specialists. At the press conference, Comisky said he was very satisfied with where the movie is going.

Zhang also said the movie will be screened in both 2D and 3D formats.

By Chen Nan

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