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Market Share Concentration Analysis

2012-07-27 09:20:55        Chinese Films

Market Share Concentration Analysis

EngGroup's research and analysis show that for 2011 Mainland China's film distribution and CR4 index is 4.91% higher than 2010. But CR8 index is 1.5% lower than 2010. The difference between 2010 and 2011 is minimal and above standard.

Collaboration between Industries with Over Half Co-Distributions

Over ½ of the 226 films released in 2011 were distributed independently. There's extensive collaboration between top ten distributors and other industries. Over half the films were jointly distributed. For companies that are not in the business of distribution, this is prevalent business endeavor with low risks.

Distribution Patterns of Top 10 Distributors 2011

Source: EntGroup Consulting

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