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Yang Mi Shines in "The Bullet Vanishes"

2012-07-26 16:04:37        Chinese Films

Yang Mi in "The Bullet Vanishes."[]

Yang Mi stars in Law Chi-Leung's upcoming film "The Bullet Vanishes" alongside Lau Ching Wan, Nicholas Tse, Jing Boran, Cheng Hei-yi, Liu Kai Chi, Jiang Yiyan and Wu Gang.

"The Bullet Vanishes" is set in the Republic of China period. A serial killer is on the loose in a factory, and cursed "ghost bullets" lead two detectives, Lau Ching Wan and Nicholas Tse, to the killer.

Yang Mi portrays "Xiao Yun Que", which means skylark in English.

By Ma Sicong

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