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Four Animated Films Join the Box Office Battle this Summer

2012-07-26 16:00:29        Chinese Films
Children will take up more seats in mainland cinemas with four foreign and domestic animation movies hitting the big screens, reports.

The films include "Ice Age 4", "The Lorax", "I Love the Grey Wolf" and "Save the 365th Day".

Both "Ice Age 4" and "The Lorax" are foreign 3D blockbusters. "I Love the Grey Wolf" is from the successful domestic animation series "Happy Sheep and Grey Wolf", and "Save the 365th Day" is a Chinese 3D animation flick.

By Chen Nan

"Ice Age: Continental Drift"

Region: USA

Language: English/Mandarin

Genre: Adventure/Comedy

Subject: Animals

Release date in China: July 27

Screening in 2D, 3D, DMAX/3D

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