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"The Last Supper" to Premiere at 37th Toronto Film Fest

2012-07-26 13:26:35        Chinese Films

"The Last Supper" released an English poster at Toronto. [Photo: douban] 

The list of movies to be screened in the world film panorama section of the 37th Toronto International Film Festival was unveiled yesterday on the event's official website, reports.

Director Lu Chuan's epic film "The Last Supper" is among the films on the list, which means the movie will makes its debut at the film fest in September.

"Last Supper" was scheduled to be released on the mainland on July, but the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television dashed that plan citing "nonbusiness reasons." Lu burst into tears when he talked about the matter at the 15th Shanghai International Film Festival last month.

"Last Supper" is a new adaptation of the famous story "Banquet at Hongmen" from the "Records of the Grand Historian." After Xiang Yu wins a few battles against the State of Qin, he hosts a banquet as part of a plot to kill his ally, Liu Bang, at Hongmen, but the plan ends in failure.

"Cloud Atlas," "Argo," "End of Watch," "The Place Beyond the Pines," "The Company You Keep" and "Jayne Mansfield's Car" also are included in the festival's world film panorama section.

By Chen Nan

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